Friday, October 5, 2007

Dave's Conversation with Office Space Realtor - Looking for office space in NJ

Earlier this year, I planned to move out of my current office space to a new location. So I got a hold of an office space realtor from a friend and told him what I'm looking for.

I told the office space realtor, “I run a small business and I am looking to rent an office space in N.NJ and wanted to get some advise on what to look for, size, costs, terms, utilities, etc.”

“What goes on in your current office? I mean how much office space do you actively use and how many staff are you planning to add or currently have?”, asked the office space realtor.

In reply to the office space realtor question, I said “My business is sales in nature and 90% of the time I will only be using the phone and the internet with the occasional visitor- maybe twice a week. I might want to expand to include 1-2 other people.”

The office space realtor asked further, “This new office space that you are looking for, how big do you want it and in which area do you want it again?”

“I think 400 sq. ft should be enough to start and I would like to be in the Parsippany, NJ area. I would even consider a sublet or 2 cubes in an existing, shared office space environment.”, was my reply.

“To be upfront with you, the commission on a 400 sq.ft. lease is going to be pretty small, so you may not get great service,” says the office space realtor and he continues, “if you definitely need the space, you should determine what your main priorities are i.e. the quality of the space, if customer facing, proximity to parking/public transportation, cost, ease of move in (is the space already cabled, set up for phone, etc.).”

The office space realtor also suggests an hotel office space service type rental, “Since you only need the space 10% of the time, you may want to consider a less costly option. Hoteling type conference space is becoming more popular, which means that you use a conference space by reserving at and pay by the hour (similar to a hotel conference center but cheaper).”

About pricing and to get for a second opinion, the friend of the office space realtor suggested that

I thanked the office space realtor for insights on space renting and went our seperate ways. My friend also suggested me to go to, for a second opinion. He said that their consultation is Free. I might just do that.

This conversation with the office space realtor was told to me by Dave who runs a small internet based business.

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