Friday, October 19, 2007

Office Furniture Tips For Your New Office (office space realtor)

When you have moved into a new bigger office space, you probably want additional office furnitures. If you want to save some money, then the office space realtor suggests you buy used office furnitures instead of brand new ones.

However there are several things that the office space realtor suggest you to keep in mind concerning office furnitures.

If you'll be having a reception desk, you should be especially careful about choosing it. Because it is the place where your potential clients or existing cliets visits first. So a clean, professional look reception desk is a must.

When buying the office furnitures especially the office desks, do keep your employees in mind. After all they will be spending most of their time with them. So, other than the cost, you probably would want to give importance to their taste and choice. Because if they are not happy with the office desks, they may be demotivated to work.

They may fail to give their hundred per cent effort. This, in return, may bring productivity down. On the other hand, choose the desks that are just comfortable enough for your employees to work with but not too cozy that will make them fall asleep.

Another thing to consider concerning employees productivity is office chairs. You may want to consider buying ergonomic chairs because ordinary chairs may cause a lot of physical complicacies.These chairs are scientifically made and designed for long hours sitting.

If you want to maximize the office space usage, the office space realtor suggests that you used office cubicles instead of personal office desks, even for the management team. As cubicles come with various heights. This is suitable for different type of employee who will use the cubicle.

For example, low wall cubes would be great for a telemarketing room. This way the supervisor can glance across the room and see what is going on. For the management team, larger and taller office cubicles are also available.

With these taller cubicles, noise are cut down and offers more privacy. Cubicles also creates a sense of private office. Cubicles have capabilities of overhead storage and under desk storage. This is useful for the employee to store files, pens, paper, personal belongings etc.

Typically cubicle's workspace surface is much larger than that of office desks. So this reduce clutter and mess, makes the office look that much more professional. No wonder that most enterprises and corporations today utilize them over personal offices.

These are just few suggestions from the office space realtor and for a more extensive guideline please refer to an interior office design specialists.

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